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Questions to Ask Your NJ Wedding Photographer

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Photography is an extremely important part of your wedding planning and finding the right NJ wedding photographer means you’ll need someone you can form a relationship with. Hiring a photographer can be an expensive part of your wedding budget so it’s important to mesh with the right person. There are several important questions that you should ask a potential NJ wedding photographer when meeting with him or her.

What’s Your Style?

Photographers may specialize in a particular area like portraits, candid shots, traditional, etc. Most photographers will combine all these well but it’s still important to make sure they can fit with your style. When you meet with a potential photographer take some photos along with you to show what you like during the meeting to ensure the photographer can meet your needs.

Will There Be More Than One Photographer?

Sometimes your NJ wedding photographer will fly solo. Some will bring second shooters with them and others will only bring assistants who can carry their gear around. If they offer video you can inquire about that service as well. If they don’t you can find out how well they work with videographers.

Will You Have Other Events Booked?

If your photographer is already booked up be sure to get a guarantee in writing that your New Jersey wedding will be covered. It would be good to also find out if the photographer who you meet with will be the photographer at your wedding. If you have a larger wedding there may be a need for multiple photographers. Ensure that your wedding will be covered by asking about the staff and who exactly you will be working with on your wedding day.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Understanding how many weddings a potential photographer has worked is very important for several reasons. You want a photographer who will understand the challenges associated with your particular wedding. Photographers with experience will be able to adapt their style to any wedding regardless of the size or the style of the wedding.

Can We See Examples of Your Work?

Most photographers will have lots of examples of their work on their website, social media, and a full portfolio to show you in person. If they don’t offer be sure to ask to see as many photos as possible since that will likely be the deciding factor in who you hire.

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