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Your NJ Wedding DJ: More Than A Jukebox

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Many people are under the impression that a NJ wedding DJ is just at the wedding to play music. While music is an important responsibility for a NJ wedding DJ that is just one of the many responsibilities he or she will have during the wedding day. Hiring a DJ for your wedding is an important step. The DJ for your wedding is much more like a director of the events of the reception.

Master of Ceremonies

Your DJ will keep your guests informed about the activities and schedule for the night. Your DJ will also be responsible for keeping your guests entertained. It’s important to find someone that fits your style. You want someone who can motivate the crowd but don’t want an over-the-top DJ who will take focus away from the bride and groom. You will also need to keep your DJ informed on proper ways to say the names of the members of your wedding party and any announcements that he or she will need to read during the ceremony.


When looking for a NJ wedding DJ be sure to find someone with a large and diverse collection of music to choose from. Meet with the DJ several weeks ahead of the wedding to give him or her your personal collection of special songs and offer advise for filling in the rest of the night with music. Make sure the DJ is familiar with the set up of your reception venue and has the proper equipment (microphone, speakers, sound system, etc.).

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Coordinator and Director

A professional DJ for NJ weddings will work with your reception venue and all the other vendors to keep your reception on schedule. He or she will also make sure that the vendors are prepared and ready at the right moments before any announcements are made. Your wedding day will need this kind of direction to ensure the formal events stay in place. A pro master of ceremonies will have the experience to handle issues that may arise and keep your wedding events running smoothly.


Your wedding DJ will have several other responsibilities including making sure the venue has the proper lighting to set the mood during the various focal points of the night (dinner, first dance, etc).

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