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About Majestic Events

Music, Photography, Cinematography & Lighting for Weddings and Events

Your choices when it comes to choosing your wedding vendors are vast. But we know that your needs are specific. What makes us different? We’d like to share the values our business has been built on—so you can get a better understanding of how we work:

  • We listen. We really listen. We want to know your likes and dislikes. Your expectations. Your taste. Your story. Just like our story supports our work—your story helps us do our work even better.
  • We welcome your involvement. More than anything, we enjoy our clients being a part of the process. We want to create music, photography, and transportation for your event—that accurately reflect you!
  • Big picture perspective, with attention to every detail. We know the big event is made up of smaller, more intricate elements. We pay attention to every one—always with the event’s overall success in mind.
  • Experience is everything. Our experience in the hospitality industry has taught us to treat your experience, and your guests’ experiences, as our signpost. It’s not about how loud our speakers are—or how impressive our mixer is (even though we use top-of-the-line equipment). It’s about the experience.
  • Easy to work with. For a seamless event, our wedding photographers NJ know flexibility is important. We pride ourselves in working to create positive relationships with clients and vendors alike—so your event flows smoothly—and fun is the priority, instead of drama.
  • Selective, never tacky. We treat every event as if it were our own. Getting married is a big deal. Your event’s music needs to meet the magnitude of the day. High-caliber services, and good taste—all go into mirroring the importance of the day.
  • We provide multiple high-level services. We will manage your music, photography, video, lighting and transportation under the same roof. All with meticulous attention and care.
  • Transparency with our prices. Doing business is about being straightforward with rates, and reliable with delivering exactly what we commit to. No hidden fees, no surprises.
  • Our passion. It’s not only for the music, but for the entire production of a stellar event.
  • We share our knowledge. Choosing a wedding DJ or wedding photographers NJ is a big decision—and we want to help our potential clients make that decision as knowledgeably as they can.
  • Our availability. We invite you to get to know us, and are available for a no-obligation chat. Before you book entertainment for your wedding, it’s important to get a feel for them. A conversation is the best way.